About the Company
Founded in Beverly Hills, California in September 1973, The LBH Group, Ltd., has been a vital contributor to the women's tennis and golf market in quality retail venues throughout the USA.

In 2007, The LBH Group decided to take a new a modern path to re-energize itself as a women's fashionable athletic lifestyle company with a solid vision for its future; thus "The Bloom Returns" relaunch!
A new mantra of creating products that strike the right balance between their founding values and the needs and tastes of the contemporary women with an active lifestyle. The LBH Group is now positioned as a women's fashionable athletic lifestyle brand, rather than strictly a golf, tennis or resort line.

The LBH Group offers four brands; Lily's of Beverly Hills, LBH, Wimbledon, and Fancy Pants.
The company is focused on bringing distinctive designs and a decidedly feminine outlook to each of these product ranges by blending influences of athletics, lifestyle and fashion. This fusion is known as athletic lifestyle. The LBH Group views women's lifestyle athletics as a philosophy on life - one that emphasizes fitness, wellness, and simply living an active life with family and friends. These are the experiences that enrich our customers' lives.

The brand has truly renewed its unique heritage with feminine, uncomplicated, and quality products that have been enhanced to an unmatched level. The LBH Group's collections reflect the tastes of the contemporary women who embraces an active lifestyle.

Lily's Home
For Summer/Fall 2008, Lily's of Beverly Hills, a vibrant American golf brand for 35 years, is pleased to present a collection with attainable yet alluring luxury.

The fresh bloom of our Lily will permeate your experience on and off the course. As a desirable lifestyle brand we will become a vital part of the great moments you remember and cherish with your close companions. These experiences are the true riches of our lives.

To this end, Lily's of Beverly Hills' apparel is chic with a fresh modern twist. All of our collections are created with supreme quality, feel, and fit. Our goal is always to design clothing that is arresting when viewed and sensuous when touched.

The Summer / Fall 2008 collection unites our passion for this great sport with the allure and independence of fashion.

Tennis Home
Summer 2008 has special meaning for both the LBH and Wimbledon tennis brands - brands designed and manufactured by The LBH Group, Ltd., a vibrant American company dedicated to tennis for the past 35 years.

You will witness the complete revitalization of the LBH and Wimbledon collections, while the integrity and heritage of our proud company remains unchanged. We are pleased to present collections that incorporate a sublime balance of grace, power, and determination; a balance that exalts elegance, showcases femininity, and provides the ultimate comfort and fit.

The Summer 2008 LBH and Wimbledon tennis collections unite our passion for the great sport of tennis with the magnetism and liberty of fashion, while maintaining an athletic edge. LBH and Wimbledon tennis apparel help her perform on the court while maintaining a contemporary lifestyle look that makes her feel exceptional as an individual.